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3D printing for reconstruction

On many occasions we have objects and devices that we have discarded simply because some of the elements that compose it have been broken or worn out and in most of these cases it is not worth paying a high amount to recover this functionality.

Empresa impresion 3D reconstruccion

Advantages of 3D printing for reconstruction

Using 3D printing to reconstruct the parts you need offers you many advantages. First of all, you avoid having to look for the replacement of your part and, in addition, you reduce costs and manufacturing times thanks to 3D technology, since it allows you to make as many copies as you need in a short period of time.

Therefore, if you do not find the part you need or it has a very high price, quiet, we take care of everything. Contact us and discover our 3D reconstruction service.

If instead you have already designed the piece and need to print it, you can upload it in our online calculator to automatically know the price:

Tips to rebuild a piece in 3D

Carrying out the 3D design of the spare part implies a certain level of precision and patience, although it also depends on the complexity involved. If it is a piece that must fit into another, or certain parts must match, it is difficult for the design to come out well at the first.

It is very important to make the measurements correctly and have a good caliber, to get the least possible error. 3D scanning is a good reference when reconstructing a piece, but it does not mean that it has to be remodeled later. That is why it is necessary to take good references and perform several tests if necessary.

From Imprimakers we have created a design guide that is at your disposal that explains how to make the 3D designs so that your subsequent printing is perfect. You can easily check it from here.

Empresa de impresion piezas 3D
Imprimir 3D para reconstruccion

3D reconstruction of the story

The reconstruction not only stays in simple pieces or spare parts, but it goes further and reaches limits of such scale as the Notre Dame Cathedral. After the fire produced that devastated the cathedral, the scan performed on the entire cathedral has been recovered and the possibility of restoring damaged areas using 3D printing on stone is being considered.

Another great example is the Arc de Triomphe of Palmira, which commemorated the reign of the great emperor Septimius Severus. It was destroyed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in 2015 and 3D printing has allowed its reconstruction.

También tenemos el Arco de San Pedro de las Dueñas, una reliquia medieval que gracias a la impresión 3D se ha podido reproducir con una precisión milimétrica.