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3D printing for prototypes

When the project is finally done digitally, it is time to create the first unit of your product, a prototype. It is not necessary to mention that, the prototyping process in a project is a necessary and vital stage in an initial phase , since on these first foundations the final piece is going to be built and, at this time a Small change can now be drastically reflected in an imminent future, it has been demonstrated that after a correct prototyping process, a production cost savings of 98% is achieved.

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Prototypes before 3D printing

Previously, each company developed its first functional piece in a homemade way and based on materials such as rigid cardboard, foams or wood, generating the product with a large number of errors at the dimensional level, unreliable tolerances that do not allow you to adjust the final design as much as you want, and complex elements difficult to reproduce using this type of manual prototyping.

In these and many other cases, we offer our personalized 3D printing service that, together with our professionals in the field, allow us to develop these projects quickly and without worries.

Find out instantly how much it costs to print your designs in 3D on our 3D printing calculator:

Advantages of printing 3D prototypes

Thanks to the 3D prototyping service that we offer in Imprimakers, our clients have the ability to evaluate functional prototypes (with movement capacity, tolerance checking, shapes, ergonomics) and also end (pieces with finishes very similar to those that you will finally get in the final production process).

In addition, the cost of devoting a large number of hours in the search for the appropriate material, the tools and space needed, the time of dedication of a worker and the questionable final finish of the piece ends up making 3D printing a Direct bet on savings, carefreeness and peace of mind.

The last value to highlight, and the most important, is the rapid process that we can offer in the development of the requested 3D model since, thanks to our 3D calculator developed on the web, the process of sending files, budget and purchase it is performed automatically in a matter of seconds.

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Tips for printing 3D prototypes

Next, we are going to mention some brief advice when requesting a 3D printing service in this area.

Since a piece made in 3D printing in additive plastic will not have the same tolerances as in its final production in metals or steels, it is usually left 0.1mm more tolerance for this process. This usually occurs when some pieces are assembled inside others, or they must have movement with each other.

To take these and other factors into account, we have created a design guide in which you will be able to follow the recommendations that we have collected based on the experience in the 3D world. I invite you to take a look, you can access this section from the navigation menu or by clicking here.