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3D printing for decoration

3D printing allows users to decorate their spaces in a unique and personalized way . You simply have to load your 3D model into our 3D interface and continue with the purchase process. You can find many interesting 3D models in repositories and 3D printing blogs.

Empresa impresion 3D decoracion

Advantages of 3D printing for decoration

When applying this technology in the home sector, there are many unique options to customize each environment. From pots for your plants, to practical objects such as coat racks, carca-cups and even educational toys for the little ones.

In this image several lamps appear that, in addition to lighting, offer a spectacular visual effect in the corner of your house where you decide to place it. This is one of the many creative examples that can be performed.

For these cases, we offer our personalized 3D printing service that, together with our professionals in the field, allow us to develop these projects quickly and without worries.

Find out instantly how much it costs to print your designs in 3D on our 3D printing calculator:

You can order parts in 3D without knowing design

On many occasions our clients feel limited when ordering 3D printed models, since their resources or 3D design skills are limited or nil.

What many do not know is that there are large websites on the Internet with an excellent community that publishes their 3D designs to everyone for free, thus offering access and availability to print in 3D to all those who do not know this design technique.

We, for example, have shared some designs that have been downloaded by thousands of people, contributing our grain of sand and adding value to this community of users.

One of the most common portals with millions of free 3D designs to download is Thingiverse, which from here we recommend that you take a look, you will be surprised by the things you suddenly want to have printed in 3D!

Empresa para imprimir decoracion 3D
Decoracion con piezas 3D

Tips for 3D printing

Next, we are going to mention some brief advice when requesting a 3D printing service in this area.

Since a piece made in 3D printing in additive plastic will not have the same tolerances as in its final production in metals or steels, it is usually left 0.1mm more tolerance for this process. This usually occurs when some pieces are assembled inside others, or they must have movement with each other.

To take these and other factors into account, we have created a design guide in which you will be able to follow the recommendations that we have collected based on the experience in the 3D world. I invite you to take a look, you can access this section from the navigation menu or by clicking here.